Dear friends!

My name is Andrey, and I am the CEO of MarketMixer.

I appreciate that you stay in touch and follow our news along with five hundred customers of MarketMixer.
Today I have some awesome news for you: we have launched a highly anticipated service that will help you to overtake all your business rivals!

It is price monitoring with automated product matching.

As you know pricing and descriptions of products is the key element in competition. The better you know the pricing of your competitors, the more advantages in gaining market share you have. Even invisible difference in price may change the customers’ attitude in your favor but for this purpose you should know everything about the pricing policy of your rivals’ per product category you work with.

Recently such tasks have required a huge amount of time, human resources and money. You had to either purchase the service for pricing analytics from big agencies or increase the number of personnel responsible for price monitoring and product comparison. This is a routine which accounts for up to 20% of company expenses!

It is time-consuming, expensive and inefficient but, just imagine, most online shops have to do it as their success, benefit and sales growth depend on it!

Everything changes today.

We at MarketMixer have developed a technology for price monitoring and product comparison that lets you do what previously took weeks and months of your and contracted employees’ time. Now this work can be done in a few hours and even minutes!

The intelligent MarketMixer technology, based on machine learning and semantic analysis, is able to find products in competitors’ product mixes wherever they are hiding, compare various categories and brands, figure out the complicated product codes and in minutes or seconds learn prices of all the competitors that offer the same product category as you.

This is the beginning of a new age for development of e-commerce. Our technology is a thousand times faster, smarter and more accurate than the best employees. And as many times less expensive!

I want to help you boost your business and save money! Very soon this technology will disrupt markets and all online shops will use it. Still I want you and the friends of MarkerMixer to become the first to have access to it and all the advantages over your competitors that it offers!

If you would like to know more details and to discuss the integration of MarketMixer into your project, learn more about it and contact us. We would be happy to help you to catch up on everything. Don’t wait: connecting takes time!

Best regards,
Andrey and the team of MarketMixer
Product Data and Pricing for e-commerce

MarketMixer – a prize-winner of the Suvorov Prize 2015, founded by the Swiss-Russian Forum. The project is part of the top 50 best technology startups of Russia in 2016 as estimated by the experts of Russia Beyond the Headlines and East-West Digital News.

For any questions please contact or call +7 499 647 91 37.

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