Hundreds of online shops use MarketMixer daily to search for the best suppliers’ product offers. MarketMixer automatically updates information on product availability, monitors prices, and reconciles suppliers’ data.

While performing these tasks daily, we often encounter suppliers’ errors that prevent their products from being correctly displayed in partner online shops. We often observe situations when products do not appear in the online shop due to the errors in their names or attributes. This, in turn, results in decreased sales for suppliers.

The underlying issue is that if supplier products are passed to partner online shops with errors in product attributes or other product details, these products cannot be sold and are quickly replaced with the same or similar products from other suppliers or competitors who provide information on their products more accurately.

This is exactly why MarketMixer pays significant attention to these issues.  Technology helps correct product errors, verify entries in product catalogues, revise displayed data and modify product entries by enriching product characteristics.

The following three recommendations help increase sales of your wholesale products through your partner online shops by improving product data accuracy.

1. Update prices and product availability regularly

Once new products are added to your price lists, it is required to train MarketMixer in advance to recognize and display these new products correctly.  This is why it is imperative to update product price lists on a regular basis.

Here is an email, to which you can send updated price lists:

2. Use proper product naming and deliver minimal set of product attributes

Brand and Model are obligatory product attributes (or characteristics). Without these attributes products cannot be identified, thus, cannot be sold.

As your product offer changes, please update, at least, key product attributes, such as Brand and Model, to allow your products to be searchable and sellable by your partner online shops.

3. Monitor product information consistency

To be able to sell more, it is necessary to achieve full compliance of your original price list with the one, uploaded to MarketMixer.

Why is this important? MarketMixer has an integrated mechanism that checks correctness and integrity of product price list content. Once this correctness and integrity is achieved, such products can be safely passed to online partner shops for retail sales.

Such compliance is not difficult to check. All that needs to be done, is to set up automatic notifications from MarketMixer after subscribing to your own price lists.  You can then compare the number of products in your price list with the number of products identified by MarketMixer. If you notice that these two numbers do not match, let us know and we will help update missing products in product catalogues or point out to the errors found.

In many cases, suppliers are not even able to identify causes of errors, until their whole product catalogue is verified. It is difficult or often impossible to check entire product catalogue manually, as it may contain thousands of products. MarketMixer automatic product matching algorithm copes with this task in minutes. Inform us about these issues and we will fix them.

Hope you found these three recommendations useful.

Have other questions?  Do not hesitate to let us know and we will be happy to assist.

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