MarketMixer develops and markets automated SaaS solutions to help e-commerce companies (online shops and marketplaces) clean and enrich their product data and monitor competitive pricing.

With accelerating growth of e-commerce sales worldwide, product data accuracy is becoming a significant point of difficulty for a majority of e-commerce companies.  MarketMixer develops a solution to allow mid-sized and large-scale e-commerce companies to effectively manage their product catalogs, provide unified and enriched product information to their customers, and to continuously manage information updates, inventory and price changes for products from various suppliers.

Born in Russia in 2010 and initially specializing in the car wheel and tyre market, MarketMixer now serves more than 500 clients across Russia, Eastern and Western European countries, the Middle East, the Americas and Africa. 

  • Our automated cleaning and enrichment of product information increases sales and loyalty of your clients.


    We replace human operations with robots in product content management
    for e-commerce and omni-channel: consumer goods, retail and wholesale.
  • Technology behind MarketMixer

    Grow your employees’ potential and maximize the time they spend on more value-added tasks. Let MarketMixer take care of the dirty work.

    Cloud Parsing
    Data is machine processed in the cloud with minimal human intervention.
    Data Connectors
    Data is loaded from email, servers and sites using XLS, XLSX, CSV, XML, YML, ZIP formats.
    Product Identification
    Product categories, product items, attributes and brand names are identified automatically via smart semantic parsing.
    Export Builder
    Exported data is formatted based on your system requirements and configured to fit your system’s logic.
    RESTful API
    MarketMixer is compatible with your systems ensuring a smooth integration.
    Ability to Scale
    MarketMixer works on a cluster that can automatically scale to handle large volumes of data and processing activity.
  • Integration

    Improve customer service by using MarketMixer. Optimize your existing system capabilities.

    MarketMixre integrations with external systems

  • Awards and Recognition
    Suvorov<br />
    Best Russian-Swiss e-commerce project.
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    Russia Beyond<br />
the Headlines
    Russia Beyond
    the Headlines
    Top 50 most promising Russian start-up projects.
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    Internet Initiatives Development Fund
    Internet Initiatives Development Fund
    Participant in the first round of IIDF’s accelerator program.
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