Product Feed Optimization
for online shops

We optimize and enrich the product information
to increase traffic and conversion rate from marketplaces

  • Don’t you pay too much for new clients acquisition?

    Could your clients buy more frequently?

    Don’t you lose any traffic from marketplaces?

    We help with it.

  • For whom is this service?
    For online shops and marketplaces
    For digital marketing agencies and web studios
    For online shop developers
  • The number of online shop clients depends on the content of the product feed. We optimize and enrich the content of product feeds that brings more traffic and increases conversion rate.
    More traffic from marketplaces
    More traffic from marketplaces
    Good product feed receives better product placing on marketplaces
    Better ads spending management
    Better ads spending management
    Good product feed lets you spend money on advertising more efficiently
    More effective SEO
    More effective SEO
    Good product feed helps easier find products in online shop
    Better product snippets
    Better product snippets
    Good product feed makes better product cards and snippets
    Better audience coverage
    Better audience coverage
    Good product feed attract more customers
    Better demand fulfilment
    Better demand fulfilment
    Good product feed with detailed product characteristics helps to better navigate through your products
  •     95% product recognition quality

  • Why it works?

    Search engines and marketplaces process product feeds better if the product content is represented in a structured form. By supplying marketplaces with structured and rich product information we make it easier for them to process the data, that comes to better traffic and conversion rates at the same cost of client acquisition (advertising).


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  • How does it work?
    We receive your original product feed
    We return you optimized product feed
    You distribute it to marketplaces
  • How to start using the service?
    Sing up and Setup

    We carefully analyze your products to keep everything in order. Then we train MarketMixer on your product feed, test the automatic processes and generate the export of the optimized product feed.

    start from от $0.1 / SKU


    When we set up everything, we take care to keep up the quality of updated product feed content: introducing new products, changes in existing products.

    start from $12 per month

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