Practical tool
for managing your suppliers

Supporting marketplaces and dropshipping
(selling directly from your supplier’s stock)

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    The platform that has your suppliers connected, your product data in unified format, your online store updated with product descriptions, actual inventory levels and correct pricing.

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  • Search
    Wholesalers, products, inventory levels and prices.
    No more opening multiple browser windows of various B2B-portals in search for necessary products.

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  • Get automatic product matching that recognizes products by product names and characteristics.

  • Import
    Custom integration, uploading and processing of inventory levels and prices from your suppliers including scraping of products and prices from websites.

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  • Give tools and services to your content managers. Make their work process more effective.

  • Export
    Build your own consolidated price lists, to include prices, product attributes provided by your suppliers. Upload consolidated price lists directly to your online shop.

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  • Create a marketplace from your online shop

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