Rich product information
and pricing comparison

using automated product matching

  • Our automated cleaning and enrichment of product information increases sales and loyalty of your clients.


    We replace human operations with robots in product content management
    for e-commerce and omni-channel: consumer goods, retail and wholesale.
  • We decompose product data, detect characteristics and attributes, correct errors and enrich product information with additional attributes using machine learning and content robots.


    We create accurate product names out of a set of product properties and attributes.

  • We fix the variability of product characteristics.


    And normalize their namings  Normalize

  • MarketMixer Services
    Supplier Product Feeds Connection
    Supplier Product Feeds Connection
    We connect supplier product feeds to online stores with automated product matching and best purchase price selection.
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    Automated Product Matching
    Automated Product Matching
    We provide automated product matching (mapping) services for retail and wholesale price monitoring.
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    Product Feeds Optimization
    Product Feeds Optimization
    We increase traffic end conversion from marketplaces by optimizing and enriching product feeds.
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    Images and Databases
    Images and Databases
    We make and provide with well structured product specifications, images and product finder databases.
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  • Use Cases
    “We had nearly completed updating our price catalogue and just as we were finishing we received a new price list from the supplier. At that moment we realized that pricing updates are an endless process, but then we were told about MarketMixer’s services and since then, the pricing update process has become much better.”
    Anna, Director of an online children’s store
    Anna, Director of an online children’s store

    “I’ve been working with MarketMixer for about 5 years. I wanted to start selling bicycles and within 2 weeks, the data import/export function was ready!”
    Alexei, Director of retail sales, 4moving
    Alexei, Director of retail sales

    “MarketMixer is a great site: I load my remaining inventory, subscribe to suppliers and load the data to my website.”
    Igor, Owner, Dakar Online Store
    Igor, Owner

    “We use MarketMixer for analyzing and monitoring the market. We’ve always been able to find what we need without issue.”
    Vlada, Brand Manager, Sever-auto
    Vlada, Brand Manager

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