Complete nomenclature database of moto tires for online shops


Full Moto Tyres Nomenclature Database for online shops and inventory management systems.


Product Description

Full Moto Tyre Nomenclature Database for Online Shops enables online shops to create product pages per each product and fill in the properties.


Purchasing this database entitles you to 30 days of free updates.


The Tyre Nomenclature Database is a universal product that can work with any Content Management System (CMS) or WebShop script and can be inserted into any SQL database.


Installation of the database, and any user interface module, on your website is not included in the delivery but can be discussed by contacting our client support team.


All visitors and buyers receive free client support via email or via life chat / messaging in the bottom of this page.


Download database demo example


Data contained in the database is collected from a variety of sources.


However the Database contains comprehensive arrays of data and it is supplied on an “AS IS” basis and does not guarantee the existence of all car models and options. It may contain some mistakes. We cannot guarantee rapid corrections but we are constantly working on improving the database.


Clients have permission to modify the purchased Database if necessary. Installation is restricted to 1 website. If the Database is intended to be installed on 2 websites, you will need to purchase 2 copies. If you would like to install in on 3 or more websites, please apply for a special discount. It is prohibited to distribute the Database to any 3rd parties without our prior approval.


The intellectual property rights for the Database are protected. Non-authorised copying of the Database may result in prosecution.


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